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Australian Property Investment

Australia is one of the most popular markets for global property investors. Clients are encouraged to invest in various forms of real estate in Australia, including residential properties, commercial assets, agricultural assets, educational assets, and industrial sites.


  • Rich experience to impart investors from AUSPAC’s decades of successes
  • Exclusive resources from banks, regulators, associations, and developers
  • In-depth understanding ofthe local market(s) and well-established business networks.

Global Property Investment

We offer investors unique opportunities to participate in global property investment, through our well-developed platforms and networks. These opportunities rise from different markets including Europe, North America, and South-Eastern Asia, covering sectors such as residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, educational, and healthcare.


  • Exclusive and well-established platforms and business networks;
  • All-In-One service to our clients including study and migration visa services, legal and wealth management services etc;
  • Partnership with global property leaders to provide investors with second-to-none opportunities.

Fixed Income Products

A fixed income product is an investment that provides a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity. Firms raise capital by issuing fixed income products to lenders who are compensated with interest payments. The issuer promises to repay the principal on an agreed date in the future.


  • Cooperate with the world’s first-class platform, with rich product selection and excellent quotation
  • Provide various online and offline education and training for investors to develop and execute investment strategies
  • Diversified products to meet various investment needs and expectations

Structured Products

Structured commodity refers to the combination of multiple options or groups of options in a certain structural way to match different risk preferences and returns. Such products can be linked to stocks, indices, funds, foreign exchange, commodities and credit commodities over a long or short period of time. Structured products are designed to offer principal protection in a volatile market or to gain positive returns in low-yield or flat markets.


  • Partner with local and global investment banks, private banks, and hedge funds, to offer investors a wider selection of products and better, more competitive pricing.
  • Our professional and caring advisors can offer custom-made products to meet clients’ investment preferences and expectations.

Fund of Funds

A fund of funds (FOF) is a pooled fund that invests in other funds. FOFs usually invest in other hedge funds or mutual funds. The FOFs strategy aims to achieve broad diversification and minimal risk. FOFs tend to have higher expense ratios than regular mutual funds.


  • Partner with the most distinguished and respected global fund managers, to grant investors access to prominent investment opportunities.
  • Our partner has more than five trillion million dollars under management with an excellent track record, reliable credentials, and a diversified investment portfolio.

FX Risk Management

FX risk management refers to managing an entity’s exposure in foreign exchange market(s) by using tools including spot contracts, forward contracts, swap contracts, vanilla options, compound options and other tools. These tools combine to help an entity to manage its budget, pricing strategy, and future cash flows.


  • Work with investment banks, private banks and non-bank providers in North America, Europe and Hong Kong and offer a wider range of strategies and better prices than local Australian banks
  • Professional team to develop and execute FX risk management plans and strategies for individualsand enterprises.


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