Project Marketing

A digitally empowered platform of sharing and co-creation in global real estate

AUSPAC with efficient marketing strategy development, market-leading products launch and sales success achievements.

Marketing Intelligence

Marketing intelligence will be obtained from multiple channels, especially digital information collection and analysis, for more precise positioning and decision-making.

Multi-channel Marketing Strategy

Develop and implement a multi-channel marketing strategy including website, social media, email, etc. to maximize return on investment.

High-quality Marketing Effect

High-quality tracking and reporting of marketing performance and continuous communication with clients to adjust flexible marketing strategies in time.


Through 3D modelling, multi-point and multi-angle scanning and shooting of properties will be launched. By means of a series of processing, a 1:1 VR room 3D model of the physical scene generated, the real VR house viewing, and inspection will be realised to better market the projects.

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